Thursday, January 14, 2016


Leather jacket: Truth & Pride | Pants: ASOS | Bag: Marc Jacobs { also loving this one } | Jewelry: bracelet via Ily Couture, gold bangles Cara | Heels: Zara 

I would like to start by announcing the winner of Boticca INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. Congrats to I Shopped Till I Dropped with winning a $100.00 with Gift Card! 

Now that Summer heat is behind us, it's finally starting to feel like fall in LA. Which is why I've been so preoccupied with decorating for Halloween. I suppose, I went a little overboard this year, cause the whole place is drowning in pumpkins, spiderwebs and skeletons. Actually scared myself a few times, I guess early mornings and spider webs on kitchen cabinets don't exactly mix well:) Which has been the greatest source of amusement for Emil, apparently my fear of spiders is highly entertaining. Maybe I'll put one of those extra large life-like tarantulas in his nightstand drawer, and see how entertained he'll be when he reaches for his phone in the morning! Oh yeah, payback is sweet!!! But I love Halloween and decorations are a big part of it for me. 

Anyway, I guess fall colors are starting to find their way into my wardrobe as well. Big fan of orange and leather jackets in general, I was delighted to find a great fitting one in such a cool color! Bright orange perforated leather perfection - what else can a girl ask for:) 

Keep on smiling,

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