Friday, February 27, 2015


Though normally I associate Palm Springs with blazing heat, palm trees and unreasonably long dips in the pool, turns out Palm Springs has a lot to offer even if the temperatures are nowhere near what I would normally consider hot or warm for that matter:) 

As I have mentioned before, most of the time our trips to Palm Springs are the most glorious examples of procrastination, where Emil and I certainly make plans to venture outside of our hotel to explore, yet somehow always end up lingering by the pool, working on our tans and sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them. Both of us, I think at some point accepted the fact that these trips are not exactly productive or active, and allowed ourselves this time to be a bit lazy. Yet, I've always wanted to see more of Palm Springs.

Well, I certainly got my wish this time:)! Though, I have to admit that initially the cooler weather put a bit of damper on my mood, I soon discovered its full benefits. We were finally able to walk around Palm Springs, something we would never dare to do in the warmer months. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner outside without worrying about melting and take pictures of our adventures throughout the day while my hair and make up remained more or less in tact, which is, trust me, a big deal because normally my make up starts running down my face within 15 minutes and hair... well let's just say no amount of product can combat that frizzy mess. 

Nasty Gal trench coat { similar option here & here } | Lovers + Friends Jeremy boyfriend jeansMarc Jacobs Suede Trouble bag House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses  { in orange & blue here } | Cameo crop top | Salvatore Ferragamo sandals { similar here & here

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


So, I've been pretty vocal about the fact that my recent trip to New York did quite a number on my skin. Not sure what it was in particular, the time change, which I dealt with by inhaling insane amounts of coffee, harsh New York weather, which left my face and hands looking flaky and red or the fact that my somewhat insane schedule played interference with my regular diet, water intake and nightly grooming rituals. Basically, by the end of the day I was too exhausted to take care of my skin properly, which of course I paid for later! By the time I got back to LA, I had ridiculously dry skin all over and elbows and knees that made me want to cry. 

Speaking from experience, when it comes to taking care of your skin, consistency is key. Essentially, if you're using the right product and are diligent about application, you're going to get good results. Since my regular lotions and oils were not exactly equipped to deal with the state my skin was in, I switched to Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum Advanced Relief, mainly because it works quickly to heal and calm my skin when it gets severely dry and also because it's really gentle on my skin. 

Because I suffer from dry skin periodically, I've developed somewhat of a routine to help eliminate this problem quickly. So, if you ever face the same problem, here are a few tips to get your skin in shape fast. 

1. Sorry to be redundant here, but consistency is key! So, when my skin gets really dry, I apply Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum Advanced Relief morning and night! No excuses:)! 

2. To improve circulation, I always start from my feet and make my way up. 

3. I always make sure to pay special attention to elbows, knees, hands and feet. Basically, all areas which are prone to dryness the most. 

4. I love doing dishes! I know, I am probably the only person on the planet who enjoys this activity  but for some reason it calms me down:) Of course the problem with this is that it always makes my hands feel really dry after. So, to combat the damage, I apply the serum right after, making sure to massage it all over my hands, wrists, nails and especially cuticles, to avoid potential peeling and dryness in the future. 

5. Finally, and this is probably the most important one, I really take my time to rub the serum in. Aside from the fact that massaging the skin improves circulation, it also helps the product to penetrate better and do what it is designed to do. So, don't rush, take the time to pamper yourself a little! :)

Hope you guys find these tips helpful! And as always, if you have any questions, shoot me an email! I'll be happy to answer! 

Monday, February 23, 2015


Good morning, Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

If you read my blog on regular basis, you may have noticed that lately, it's been all about floor-length gowns for me and the amazing, lace and sequined butterfly Via Della Perle number I am wearing in today's post is definitely one of my favorites so far. Couldn't decide what I love the most about it if I tried, but I have a feeling, it is the combination of elements rather than a particular detail. I think what attracted me to this dress in the first place was the beautiful gunmetal butterfly embroidery, but the open back combined with the sexy lace asymmetric hem made me fall in love! 

In terms of styling a floor length gown, though it can certainly look great paired with an up-do and demure, ladylike accessories, I prefer to go for a slightly nonchalant look and wear it with casual hair, edgier accessories like studded heels and  multi-finger rings and a bright lip. 

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Saturday, February 21, 2015


So, New York was cold! I know, I know, you probably already heard about the bad weather! But I feel the need to vent a little and so... New York was cold! Oh, and I don't mean the kinda cozy cold when you put on your favorite coat, wrap yourself in a giant scarf and sip hot cocoa while admiring the scenery. I mean the kinda cold when you're contemplating putting on a second pair of wool tights and don't care if it makes you look huge because last time you ventured out in just the one pair, you couldn't feel your legs for half an hour! Phew, now that I got that out my system, despite the cold, the wind tunnels and the traffic, I wouldn't trade a second of it for the world. Fashion Week is my favorite kinda crazy and I'd like to take this opportunity to share a few favorite moments. 

Monique Lhuillier: 2 words - polished sophistication! The collection consisted of immaculately constructed, slightly masculine, tailored pieces as well as floaty, metallic dresses, the latter being my absolutely favorites. There was a particular emerald-hued stunner I decided I absolutely must have and will wear every day for the rest of my life. So, I hope you don't mind seeing the same dress over and over again. I promise to layer in interesting ways and change accessories! 

Off to a fitting before Monique Lhuillier, wearing: Sandro Paris coat | Laurence Dacade Merli meteorite fabric boots { also here } | Sensi Studio paint felted hat & Delphine Delafon small bucket bag & Elodie K Jewelry rings c/o Elodie K 

Herve Leger: 1 word - jackets! Though personally, I am a big fan of Herve Leger dresses and love the new flared silhouettes, this season I fell in love with the studded and fringed jackets they showed. In fact, I loved them so much, I decided to wear those along with that Monique Lhuillier dress I am planning to never take off. So, I hope you don't mind seeing them frequently. 

Before Herve Leger, wearing: MSGM colorblocked-paneled checked double-breasted coat | Current/Elliot The Prospect leather pants | Maison Michel Virginie double grosgrain fur felt fedora hat | Urania Gazelli Cancer clutch c/o Elodie K | Stella McCartney black Britt shoes 

Catch NYC: Since Ninel - my sister in law, constant travel companion and best gal were spending Valentine's Day in New York, we decided to celebrate this day in style and headed to Catch, a restaurant recommended to us by literally every NewYorker we know. And.... Catch did not disappoint! We ordered a desert appropriately entitled "Magic Apple" and sorry for being redundant here, but magical it was. Click HERE to view a little video we posted on Instagram. How magical, you ask? Well, we went back to Catch not twice but three more times! Yeah, I know, the "Magic Apple" left quite an impression! 

Central Park: Yes, it was freezing, yes we couldn't feel our faces but taking a walk in Central Park somehow never disappoints. In stark contrast to the busy and buzzing city, Central Park is an oasis amid the the city that never sleeps. A 30 minute walk makes me feel fresh, new and recharged! In other words, bright eyed, bushy tailed! 

Off to DVF show, wearing: DVF Casie woven pants { option in shorts here } & Teyona woven jacket c/o  | Vince leather trim wool-blend cape - sold out { similar options here } | Sensi Studio paint felted hat & Illesteva Leonard sunglasses c/o Elodie K

SK-II Skincare Goodies: As I mentioned before, my skin and New York weather are not friends. After spending the first day of Fashion Week running around outside, my skin rebelled in the most horrific kind of a way and so, next day I woke up with dry, flaky, red face. Basically, exactly the kind of face you don't want to show during Fashion Week. After my consultation with SK-II, I came back to my hotel to find a few skincare goodies waiting for me! Such a nice surprise! My face and I thank you  for helping me look like myself again! I especially loved SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, which I applied for 15 minutes before bedtime and followed with  SK-II Facial Treatment Essence SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Eye. Next morning, I woke up to find that lizard skin was gone and the dry, flaky disaster that was my face the day before, was just a horrible distant memory. 

Coco Rocha backstage at Carolina Herrera: Though pretty much every moment backstage at Carolina Herrera was a favorite, meeting Coco was definitely a highlight! Lovely and so sweet, she was a head-to-toe perfection and I especially admired that emerald mixed media coat! That one, is definitely going into must-have-will-wear-for-ever pile! Of course, after New York that pile is getting pretty big but honestly, there is nothing I can do! Fashion Week brings out my inner shopaholic even more! 

Photography by Lydia Hudgens