Sunday, April 12, 2015


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You know my motto when it comes to jewelry, the more the merrier! I can't help it, I am borderline obsessed with armparties. Usually, I start with a bracelet or two and maybe a ring and keep piling on until it feels like I can't add anymore:) My hubby even coined a term for this, he jokingly calls it my "like you robbed a jewelry store" look. Normally, I just smirk and roll my eyes when he says this, but from time to time, when I for some reason feel the need to justify my style-related decisions, I try to explain that layering jewelry is a girl thing, and that's the way it looks best:) He responds by nodding and pretending to agree with me, though secretly I suspect he actually does, but just enjoys making fun of me. Evidence to support my suspicions? Well, it's plain as day... layering is the only way to wear jewelry! Right?:)

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